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Our Resources

Leadership Files

If you are in leadership at turningpoint there are certain files you need access to. Depending on your role, below are the folders with all relevant documents.

If you feel you need access to these but currently don't have the passwords email

turningpoint Forms

Click here to apply for turningpoint Membership, only available once you have completed turningpoint Principles. 

Click here to complete our turningpoint Child Safe process. Mandatory for every turningpoint Member and Leader.

Click here to register for advertising or promotions for your event via the Church Office. Required for ALL turningpoint Events. Communications include: Social Media, Flyers, Church Newsletter, Website and more.

Including room and Zoom bookings

turningpoint Privacy Policies - read through and submit this form in order to have access to turningpoint databases

This form is for activity/event organisers to submit risk assessment and management reports to the campus pastor, and get approval to run an event. 

Use this form to update someone's contact details in our database 

Use this form to record details about an incident or accident at a TP church or event.

Use this form to submit details of maintenance issues or things that need to be fixed around the church properties

Click here to complete consent forms for your children.

Use this form to order stock, including cups, cleaning supplies and other necessities.

Use this form to request equipment from the Cranbourne Campus.

Use this form to submit a grant application request

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