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Psychology Patient



The counsellors at turningpoint Counselling Centre aim to provide caring, helpful assistance to people attempting to cope with issues in their lives, and to aid them in gaining insight into those issues, developing strategies for coping, and working towards restoration of health and wellbeing. We also provide life coaching. For more information about the counselling services, click here


per session (all fees include GST)

Standard  $75  

Couples  $85  

Marriage PREPARE $350 package 


Health Care Card Holders 

Standard  $50 

Couples  $75 

It is not intended that financial problems should prevent a person gaining access to counselling. A lower fee will be negotiated with clients who have genuine financial problems. Please discuss any financial issues with your counsellor. 



Counselling sessions are normally around 50-55 minutes.  

Sessions can be booked for any time during the following hours: 

Wednesday  11am-9pm 

Friday  11am-9pm 

Please submit your details below and a counsellor will call you shortly to schedule a session. 

Booking Enquiry

Thanks for reaching out. A counsellor will contact you soon.

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