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CRC Churches International Missions Bible College (IMBC) Certificate Course


In most countries in Africa, a person is not able to run a church or even preach in a church unless they have certification in Theology. CRC Churches International Missions Bible College (IMBC) is expanding very quick with new campuses being registered, classes starting and students enrolling. This is exciting, however, there is a cost to train each person so each campus charges each student a fee that covers the cost of running the course.


Unfortunately, many pastors who desperately want to do the training will often go without food to be able to afford the training fee.


In one of the African campuses, a number of the pastors had to travel a couple of hours to get to the training place and because they did not have money to buy food to bring they would have gone for a week with only having a very small amount of food every couple of days. Praise God for their fellow students who all put their food together and shared it with the pastors who did not have any.


Please pray about sponsoring a Pastor in Africa so that they can continue to do the work of God by spreading the gospel and making disciples in their nation.


By paying for the whole certificate course for an Africa Pastor to Study the CRC Churches International Missions Bible College (IMBC) Certificate course will ensure that they can finish the course stress-free and they will at least have food to eat while at the course. 

Full Course Payment - Pastor to Study Certificate Course Missions Bible College

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