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We love welcoming new people into our church family, whether you have never set a foot into a church or you have spent years in one. We'd love to encouraging you wherever you are at in life and make you feel welcome.

There is no dress code, just come as you are.

We start with some music and have a relevant message for today straight from the Word of God. The service finishes after an hour and a half and then we love to stick around and chat: enjoy a cup of coffee together.

If you would like to give your life to Jesus, we invite you to tell Him in your own words, or pray this simple prayer:

Dear Jesus,

Today I choose to surrender my life to You.
I choose to turn away from my previous way of life and turn to You.
I ask You to forgive me of my sins.
I thank You that You have a wonderful future planned for me and I pray You would help me to know You better every day.

In Jesus’ Name.

If you have just prayed to receive Jesus as your Saviour, we want to congratulate you for making the best decision you could possibly make; living a life with God by your side is legitimately the best way to live. 

This is such an exciting time for you so we encourage you not to experience it alone. We invite you to do three simple things following your decision to follow Jesus 

  1. Tell someone about the decision you’ve made. 

  2. Read the Bible. The best place to start is with the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John).

  3. Find a church to connect with.

We can support you in taking these steps. We would love to celebrate this decision with you, give you a Bible and help you find a home church.

You can connect with us by clicking on "I have decided to follow Jesus"  below and filling out your information  (rest assured, we promise that your information will be kept private):

What is my first step?

Now that you have made a decision to follow Jesus, we would love to support you in your decision in a number of ways. There are some steps that we encourage you to take as a Christian, and those are listed above. Those steps can seem like a very big thing, and often something that you might want to think about before making a decision.

As you think about them, it’s worth considering that the Bible teaches that Christians are most effective when we have a sound understanding of Christian Beliefs. For that reason, we have developed the “First Principles" Course to assist you in developing and understanding the Christian Beliefs.

We understand that you may have questions that arise out of these daily topics; if you enter your details, we would love to connect you with one of our leaders who can journey with you and do their best in helping answer any questions you might have.



If you have been coming to turningpoint church for a little while and you are wondering what's next.... we can never overestimate the importance of a sound foundation. If a building is to be useful, sturdy, and permanent, it must have a solid base.

Our turningpoint principles is just that, an in-depth look at basic Christian doctrine and the different ways they are expressed in the church today. 

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If you are ready to commit your life fully to Jesus and follow his command to be baptised - then we would love to walk with you through this next stage in your Christian walk. 

turningpoint regularly holds baptisim services and our campus Pastors will walk you through the meaning and the importance of this next step.

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If you are struggling in an area, and just need some additional help, please contact us and we will organise for a Pastor or an elder to come, talk and pray with you. 

turningpoint also offers professional counselling services on site in Cranbourne. Fees are kept to a minimum. Appointments can be made through the church office. 

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