Yarra Valley Storm Relief

On the night of June 9th a cyclonic storm devastated parts of the Yarra and Dandenong ranges. As a result, fallen trees have destroyed power lines, homes and vehicles; in some cases people were trapped in their homes for hours awaiting rescue. While there have been no casualties, thousands of people in parts of the Dandenong and Yarra Ranges are still left without power and may not receive power until July, some have resorted to using generators for some power and it's costing over $40 a day in fuel. And in certain parts of the Dandenong ranges the water is too contaminated to drink or even boil.


turningpoint Lilydale is committed to helping in any and every way we can. Thus far we have donated food to churches on the ground, we have made hampers for retirees who lost food supplies in the outage and we are now working with volunteers in the Dandenong ranges to provide meals and bottled water for those affected as well as SES volunteers. We are also looking to supply fuel and oil vouchers to aide the relief efforts largely done by volunteers and home/property owners. We are aiming to raise $5000 to go directly to the purchasing of fuel, oil and food for those affected and volunteering. If you would like to donate, please press the donate now button and you will be taken to a secure site for your transaction.


You are also welcome to follow our facebook page for updates and to view how your donation is spent.


Thank you for your support as we do our part.


God Bless


Ps Joel Cayzer





Name:  CCFC Inc

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