Say thank you to our Health workers

Phil, Cranbourne

I want to thank all those who have been there for us. Your willingness to be a available for our support is a true blessings

Fiarna, Hallam

Thank you to everyone who has sacrificed their time and energy into the COVID-19 situation. We are so blessed because of you.

Max, Hallam

A big thank you to all the amazing Chaplains and Counsellors taking great care of the mental health issues of those affected by this insidious disease. God bless all of you!

Antonet, Cranbourne

Tons of gratitude to you our amazing health workers who have continued faithfully through this COVID situation to provide timely care and support and for being so true and genuine to their calling.

Llewellyn, Cranbourne

Many thanks a big God bless you to all our health professionals . You are heroes called for such a time like this .

Chloe, Cranbourne North

Thank you for always seeing the good in me despite my poor choices at times, and not giving up on me :)

Sandra, Sandhurst

 A "BIG" thank you to our Health workers who are in our congregation at Hallam. You have made a huge difference. Your tireless efforts and dedication hasn't gone unnoticed. God bless you.

Sebastian, Cranbourne

I would like to thank all the health workers who are risking their lives to save ours. Also, they are sacrificing their families just to keep us safe. A heartfelt thanks to all such warriors.

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